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Lighting candles is one of the easiest ways of adding an enchanting look and feel to an indoor or outdoor space in Diwali.  Bulk floating candles provide a beautiful glow that makes the diwali celebration come alive and make it more vibrant and colorful. Perfect for such festivities, floating candles come in many styles and scents. Actually the beauty of the floating candles is further highlighted depending on the vase or bowl or container in which it is kept. Use you imagination and your artistic sense to enhance the look of your home during diwali using floation candles. 

Some Floating Candles Decoration Ideas

Simple glasses are used, which are filled with water, some flowers and then the candles as shown below:
Floating Candles in Glasses

Take a copper bowl or urali. fill it with water. Then add floating candles, flowers and leaves. Preferred flowers are Crysanthamum, Jasmine, Roses, marigold. Light the candles and place it any place inside the house or in patio to add the mystical look.

Floating Candles in a Copper Bowl
The following shows a normal round glass bowl filled with water, pebbles and floating candles. Can be a beautiful centerpiece.
Floating Candles in Glass Bowl with Pebbles
What about this? A clear glass bowl with candles, rose petals and leaves.
Floating Candles and Rose Arrangement
Check this out. Floating Diyas in a Clay Pot. A truly Indian Style with the marigold flowers surrounding it. Looks good in the entrance way.
Floating Diyas in Clay Pot

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Gloria Johnson said...

These are AWESOME!!! But I want to share with you that those 3m command hooks work great for things like this too and no Spackle needed afterwards.

floating candles

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