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Floating Diwali Diyas: Beautify your Home with Floating Candles this Diwali
Floating candles are a unique and exciting way to light up any event. Floating candles are candles which are designed to float in water. They are made of wax and designed in such a way that burn brightly while floating in a vase or bowl filled with water. The beauty of clustered glimmering lights dancing on the water is unsurpassed. They are available in varied shapes and sizes and many different colors. During Diwali festival, floating candles are widely used to enhance the interiors as well as exteriors of a home. Every year, during diwali, everyone seems to freak out on floating candles, with markets coming up with unique collections of floating candles or diyas. Floating candles lighted during Diwali besides decorating your home are sure to fill your home with the warmth and joy. Just check out this beautiful range.


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