Diwali Decorations Tips, What do you require for Diwali Decorations, How to start Diwali Cleaning

Diwali is festival of lights. With Diwali approaching, it is time for you to gear up to decorate your home or apartment to make it attractive and express your creativity. It is custom to clean and decorate home and welcome goddess Lakshmi for the prosperity and well being of whole family. Goddess Lakshmi enters the premises of a clean and well decorated home.

How to start Diwali Cleaning?

  • Cleaning dust, trash, cobwebs and unwanted things is the first thing you need to do for decorating your apartment. The main objective of cleaning is to keep the rooms clear of clutter and have as much open space as possible.
  • If you have enough time and budget, it would be better to paint your room with attractive colors. Opt for some theme colors and enhance the beauty of your room for this Diwali.
  • Instead of painting, you can also enhance the beauty of your living room by giving the walls a new look. Show your creativity.
  • Use rugs and accessories to give a warm and welcoming look. Choose rugs that suits theme of your room and best fits your room. The colors of these accessories can be bright if your wall color is light and if your wall color is bright, choose light color accessories for decorating.
  • Choose curtains and drapes that enhance look of your room. Drapes or curtains give welcoming look. Today together with curtains, the look of the room can also be enhanced by added curtain accessories like curtain rods, curtain sconces, curtain hooks.

What do you require for decorations?
Diyas: Diwali is the festival of lights. Lighting these diyas and placing them at the doorstep, windowsill, staircase, balcony and lobby will enhance beauty of your home. Exotic diyas are easily available. Check out diya decorations here.

Rangoli: Diwali decoration is incomplete without rangoli. Colorful rangoli designs are made on the floor of their living room or entranceway, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Check out Rangoli Designs here.

Decorative bulbs: You can also use decorative bulbs besides the candles and diyas. Electric lamps have also gained popularity in diwali. You can find decorative bulbs in different styles and colors.

Diwali torans at the entrance is another way to beautify your house.


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