Significance of Lord Ganesha In Diwali Laksmi Puja

Lord Ganesha, is worshiped on almost all occasions as it is considered auspicious to start of any holy activity or ceremony in his name. The elephant headed God, son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, is one of the most beloved in the Indian pantheon. Known by various other names such as Vinaayaka or Vighneswara, Lord Ganesha puja is an essential part Diwali Laksmi Puja. Ganesha is considered as the Lord who overcomes all obstacles. Worshipping Ganapati endows man with the confidence and courage needed to carry out any undertakings in the world. So it is only appropriate that any ceremony should be started with the worship of this God. According to the Puranas (epics), this was a boon conferred upon Him by Lord Shiva. This it is obvious that on Diwali night, Lord Ganesha shares the altar with the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity Lakshmi. It is believed that nothing is more auspicious than worshipping both these Gods at the same time. Worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laksmi heralds a year of prosperity without any obstacles whatsoever. Shri Laxmi-Ganesh Puja takes place on Diwali by placing their idols on a platform, making various offerings of sandal paste, haldi, kumkum, abeer, gulal, garland of cotton beads, flowers, leaves of Bel (wood apple tree). Diyas and incense sticks are lit in front of the idols, sweets, coconut, fruits, and tambul (betel nut) are offered. At the end of pooja, aarti dedicated to Lord Ganesh is sung by the devotees.

Diwali Aarti

For video and english version please click on Diwali Ganesha Arti.


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