Diwali Candles, Candles for Deepavali, Sparkle Decorative Diwali Candles

Candles are highly in demand in the market due to their enchanting design and lively colors. Aptly called the Festival of Lights, Diwali or Deepavali illuminations with lighted diyas bring in the brightness and joy and happiness. The tradition of lighting diyas is still there. Even today most city households illuminate their houses with the warm, sparkling bright lights of earthen lamps. But in addition to these lamps, wax candles of various shapes, colors and sizes are used for illumination soon after dusk on diwali.

Diwali candles are such that apart from brightening the house they add charm to your home. Shops stock themselves with unique varieties during diwali which are sold as special Diwali candles. Candles keep up with Diwali's message of victory of light over darkness. Candles are also a favorite Diwali gift. They are just perfect to set the festive mood.

Types of Diwali CandlesThere are Tealight Candles in small holders, perfect for lighting crackers and they burn for many hours. Designer Diwali Candles are available in varied shapes and colors. When it comes to decorating the interiors of the houses, the designer candles bring a classy and elegant appearance. They add brilliance to a house. These candles make perfect Diwali gifts as well. Gel Candles contain colored gel and come in petite glass pots . They serve as beautiful decorative items during diwali apart from brightening the home. Another variety is the Flower Candles. These are decorative candles in shapes of different flowers available in multitude of colors. In some designs they come in mini glasses filled with colorful wax. They are beautiful ornamental show pieces perfect as diwali gifts. Perfumed or Scented Candles candles fill the ambiance with soothing fragrance and boost up the festive spirit of your family and friends. And of course how can we forget the Floating Candles which have their own unique charm.


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