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Why dont you make your own pooja thali this diwali? Show your creativity. Paint it, fill it with colors, stick colored papers, use laces, zaris, mirrors...there are different options to decorate your thali. Presenting before you some interesting but easy decoration ideas on thali decorations. If you have your ideas, please feel free to send it to me.

Diwali Thali Decorated with Bandej Dupatta
Do you have a tie and dye unused dupatta at home ? Well you can use that to decorate your pooja thali. Cover the thali this multicolred cloth. Stick gota or lace along the dupatta. Stick ghungroos or bells on the edges of the thali. Now place diyas in between. Your thali is ready.

Diwali Thali with Colored Threads
Take a metal plate and cover it with a light colored paper. Take threads of different colors. Make a thick bunche of colored threads and cover it with it in a circular way. Then stick a diya stand, sindoor stand, mouli on it.
Painted Puja Thali
Take a plane thali. Make any decorative pattern on it like a floral pattern or a diya patter or religious symbolic pattern like om, swastika etc. Now, paint with oil or poster colors and let it dry. Your colourful Diwali Puja Thali is ready.

Diwali Thali with Laces and mirrors
Take a steel plate. Cover the plate with a single colored paper or different colored papers.On the edges of the plate, stick a golden colored zari lace. The laces can also be hanged all around. Stick small mirrors all over the plate and edges at equal distance. It will look better if you take mirror pieces of equal sizes. Place statues of God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the thali.

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