Diwali Diyas and Lights

Diwali is the festival of lights. When it comes to lighting on Diwali, 'diyas' or 'lights' occupy a special place. The whole house is brightened up with lights to welcome Goddess Laxmi. The festival of Diwali signifies the victory of good over evil. During Diwali festival, candles, earthen diyas and electrical lights are used to beautify the house. The glow of the earthen diyas spreads the light of harmony, festivity and celebration. Diyas adorn every corner of the house and add fervour to the festive spirit .

Deepavali meaning ‘row of lamps (Deepon ki avali). The following sanskrit mantra throws light on the path one must adopt to attain peace and it highlights the importance of jyoti (light):

Asato maa sad-gamaya (Lead us from Untruth to Truth)
Tamaso maa jyotir-gamaya (From Darkness to Light)
Mrityor-maa-mritan gamaya (From Death to Immortality)
OM shaanti shaanti shaanti (OM peace, peace peace)

So, a Diya doesn’t merely represent a decorative item but reminds one and all to give up their materialistic desires, defeat their ignorance by gaining knowledge if they wish to merge with God. In Hindu families, lighting of diyas is considered auspicious , especially in the evening to ward off evil spirits. 

Check out below various diwali diyas and lights design ideas : 


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