Useful Tips On How To Celebrate an Environmentally Safe Diwali, Eco Friendly Diwali Tips

Diwali celebrates the dominance of everything that brings positivity to your life – light, knowledge, hope and righteousness. So while enjoying the Diwali celebrations you must keep all your worries and all negativities away from yourself, and concentrate only on Celebrating an Environmentally Safe Diwali. But before celebrating Diwali you should be well informed about the ill-effects of the elements that are integral to the conventional celebration of Diwali with noisy crackers and harmful fireworks. 

Safe and Green Diwali
Effects of Conventional Diwali celebrations
Extreme levels of air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution and consumerism are the leading effects of the usual ways of Diwali celebrations whereas the harmful effects of Diwali celebrations that upset the overall health of mankind include auditory problems, increased blood pressure, sleeping issues, headache, breathing problem, exhaustion, irritability, skin allergies, redness and other problems related to eyes, and burns, accidents and even death caused due to fireworks. In fact, children also die every year while making firecrackers in factories across the Indian mainland.

Reasons to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali
By celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali you can save the various elements of nature from the damages caused by the harmful use of fireworks and crackers as well as get rid of the issues that usually lead to the disruption of daily life by creating problems related to mortal health. Money, which is spent excessively, along with the unnecessary use of the non-recyclable materials, can also be saved if you decide on celebrating an environmentally safe Diwali.

How to enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali?
  • Giving away to those people who are not privileged as you are, is one of the best ways you can enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali. Do not throw away the articles that would be left after you are done with the decoration of your home. Share them with the little children at the orphanages and NGOs or with the old people at the old age homes so that they can use them for their Diwali decoration.
  • Also do not spend money on the expensive and noisy firecrackers, which only cause pollution. Instead, donate that money to the poor street children making it possible for them to light diyas and lamps using that money. You can also spread happiness by using your money on buying gifts and sweets for these children.
  • Make your diyas and lamps at your home and avoid unnecessary use of your money. You can also involve your children and the other kids of your neighborhood in making diyas at home instead of wasting their time in lighting fireworks outside their home.
  • Stop the use of noise making firecrackers, which not only affect the life of humans but also scares away the animals. Create aesthetically attractive rangolis across your household instead of making noise in your neighborhood by bursting the firecrackers. 
    Celebrate Greem Diwali


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