Useful Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom in Diwali, Bedroom Decorations in Diwali, Diwali Bedroom Decor

Not much time is left for the Diwali celebrations to begin this year and you have probably already started thinking of some interesting ways to decorate your home in Diwali. One of the most important parts of your home is your bedroom, which you undoubtedly would not leave undecorated during the upcoming Diwali celebrations. Here are some innovative ideas, which you can incorporate for decorating your bedroom in Diwali.

Use of colours
You can change the entire look of your bedroom with the use of some vibrant colours since Diwali is not only the festival of lights but also the festival of colours. Painting the walls of your home is an integral part of the Diwali decorations but if you cannot manage enough time you can go for painting just any one of the walls of each of rooms, of which bedroom is undeniably a very important one. Use of bright colours like green, orange, yellow and blue on a wall of your bedroom will add to the delightful atmosphere of your Diwali celebrations. If you are seriously short of time you can just go for hanging a soft sheet board or a screen covered with a vibrantly hued material on a wall of your bedroom.

Use of furnishings
Brightly coloured and shining pieces of furnishing like carpets, curtains, cushions and bedcovers are also ideal for decorating your bedroom during Diwali. You can use your old sarees that have shimmering zaris to make new covers for your cushions and Diwans.

Use of decorative pieces
To complement the festive mood of the Diwali celebrations you can also adorn your room with attractive items of decoration such as flower vases made out of tinted glass and a smart dining set can also make a great difference in the total look of your bedroom in Diwali.

Use of rangolis
Rangolis made with fresh flowers in a varied number of designs on the floor of your bedroom will bring a big smile to the face of every person entering your bedroom since not only bright colours, but also the captivating aroma of fresh flowers, fill the atmosphere with excitement and charm. Whatever colours you choose do not go for a monotonous use of the same colour but use different colours at a time to decorate your bedroom in Diwali more interestingly and attractively.

Use of metallic colours
Metallic colours such as silver and gold can be incorporated in the decoration of your bedroom during Diwali. In India this is one of the auspicious occasions when you can go for the use of these colours in abundance.

So try these innovative solutions and decorate your bedroom in Diwali.

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