Safety Tips on Diwali Do’s and Don’ts, Safety Tips on Diwali, Diwali Do’s and Don’ts

All of you know about the Do’s and Don’ts for Diwali but it is always preferable to recapitulate the necessary tips to be kept in your minds. It is better for you to follow the safety tips for Diwali celebrations to shun all the possibilities of an accident or disaster that may occur during the Diwali celebrations. These safety tips on Diwali do’s and don’ts involve the use of fireworks, which should always be handled with caution.

Safety tips on Diwali

  • The most important of the safety tips for Diwali that you should follow every time you light up your firework include the necessity of reading and following the instructions and precautions that are written on the labels of all fireworks. It is not at all advisable for you not to pay any attention to these guidelines if you are genuinely concerned about the security of your family, other persons and your material belongings.
  • Keep the inflammable objects such as dry grass and leaves of plants away from the place where you are about to light your fireworks. Also maintain enough distance from buildings and huge gatherings while burning your fireworks.
  • Always dig down your fireworks into a sand bucket away from the crowd of people and also at a significant distance from the inflammable articles.
  • Another safety tip on Diwali do’s and don’ts involves the necessity of maintaining a small gap between you and the firework you have chosen to light up. Stand away from your firework turning away your face and light it from a distance.
  • Always keep water close to you or light your fireworks nearby any source of water so that you can use water to put off the fire if and when necessary.
  • After pouring water and completely putting off the flame of the firework let that cool out of the children’s reach. Fireworks that take time to cool, if by any means, come in contact with any inflammable article, attires or a minor’s delicate skin, may damage these.
  • Never collect fireworks in the pockets as they are highly combustible and can cause accident any time.
  • After lighting a firework, don’t light it again if it goes off without burning up successfully. Leave it for few minutes and then pour water on it.
  • Do not go for burning fireworks at indoors and covered spaces. Light them in your courtyard or in open spaces.
  • Keep glass and metal objects away from the fireworks you are going to light up.
Do’s and don’ts for Diwali also includes the requirement of some basic knowledge regarding the use of a first aid box necessary for treating the injuries of an affected person.
So, in order to enjoy a safe and exciting Diwali with family and friends, please take note of these essential safety tips on Diwali do’s and don’ts.


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