Popularity of the Concept of Diwali Mela, Diwali Mela Significance

The popularity of the concept of Diwali Mela all across the Indian Subcontinent as well as in various parts of the world let people enjoy the celebrations of Diwali with festivity and excitement. Diwali is traditionally celebrated across all the households limited to only one community but a Diwali Mela brings many people together from a number of communities belonging to different parts of the world. The weekend that follows the celebrations of Diwali is generally marked by the event of Diwali Mela, which spreads enthusiasm and excitement across communities worldwide. Members of the Hindu community residing in international cities are able to feel connected with their age-old traditions, which they miss, away from their homeland. They also get the opportunity to make their children familiar with their roots by being a part of the excitement that marks the Diwali Melas.

The notion of Diwali Mela is not only to involve only the Indian Hindu community but also to make the worldwide population acquainted with the true essence of being an Indian. This goes best especially for the various communities that thrive in coherence with the Indian population across innumerable destinations around the world.

The widespread popularity of Diwali Mela has taken over the world and is organised across the nations having a considerable number of members from the Hindu community of India. The Diwali Melas serve as the platform to display the uniqueness of Indian art and culture across the many kiosks that are set up featuring exquisite handcrafted objects like the beautiful decoratives and jewelleries.

Cultural programs are an indispensable part of the Diwali Melas, which includes varied types of events ranging from magic shows and puppet shows to the display of various handmade articles. Stands are also arranged at these Diwali Melas, which are organized worldwide to offer opportunities to the masses for learning the art of making clay objects and painting henna on hands and feet. Food joints selling a wide array of mouthwatering Indian snacks and sweet dishes are among the other prime attractions of the Diwali Melas. Interesting and fun-filled competitions are also held as integral part of this type of melas and complement the Diwali celebrations. Enthralling display of fireworks and firecrackers complete the entire show. 

Live performances
The Diwali Melas are made even more special by the captivating performances of the leading stars from Bollywood. From the top actors to the award-winning singers - all Bollywood stars make these Diwali Melas a great venue for entertainment and fun. 


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