Interesting Tips for Decorating Your Living Room in Diwali, Living Room Decorations in Diwali

“Row of clay diyas” is the meaning of Deepavali or Diwali, which celebrates the triumph of many things at a time – light over darkness, good over evil and optimism over pessimism. Lights, colours, sweets and gifts – all make Diwali a gala occasion for enjoyment and merriment, decoration being an indispensable part of the Diwali celebrations. While talking about decoration, from the roads and lanes across all the neighbourhoods to each of the homes are decorated brightly and colourfully with lights and flowers as an integral part of the Diwali celebrations. When it comes to decorating your home, the first part of your house that you need to decorate is your living room. So go through the interesting ideas listed here for decorating your living room in Diwali.

Clay diyas have always been the most traditional yet the most beautiful means of decorating a home, which you also use to decorate your living room in Diwali. You can place attractively tinted designer diyas at the doorways, window panels and corners of your living room. During Diwali diyas are available amply at the markets that are embellished with fancy materials.
Diya Decoration in Living Room

Large sized diyas in living room

You can use candles to decorate your living room as candles are a very crucial part of the Diwali decorations. Attractively coloured candles as well as the gorgeous aromatic candles have always been some of the most favourite means of decoration, especially during the festive occasions like Diwali. You can put these types of candles along the walls, bordering the window seals and table tops in your living room and add brightness and fragrance to the Diwali decorations of your living room. You can also go for floating wax candles, which can add a dramatic look to your living room.
Candles in living room

Candles and Lights Decoration 
Decorative lights are always used to illuminate marketplaces, roads and houses during Diwali and other festive occasions. Available in a wide number of colours and arrangements these fancy lights when used to decorate your living room in Diwali will add brightness and beauty to your living room. Pendant lights and other types of light fixtures also do great in decorating your living room in Diwali.

You can create your own rangoli with flowers, colourful sands, rice and diyas on the floor of your living room, to greet your guests into your home in the most charming manner. A rangoli made with dazzling colourful flowers on the top of your center table in your living room will also enhance the beauty of living room during Diwali.


So opt for these great ideas for the Diwali decorations of your living room.

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