Popularity of Chinese fireworks

Fireworks have become since ages a very important part of festive celebrations all around the world. In fact, competitions for lighting fireworks are held as an event of merriment accompanied by light, sound, colours and smoke in various locations across the globe. Fireworks are actually manufactured in such a way that when lighted up, they can burn giving out numerous colourful sparks and fire with mild or loud noise. Display of fireworks is a major attraction of celebrations, which are religious and cultural as well. China is the place of origin of these fireworks, which are seen today. The oldest records of these Chinese fireworks being found are known to have been created in the 7th century in China. 
Chinese Fireworks
Different festive occasions in China were celebrated with fireworks during the ancient times and it was integral to the Chinese culture. People from Arab knew about the use of the gunpowder from the Chinese people in 1240. Fireworks of China were started to be used far and wide during the middle years of the 17th Century. Over time, use of fireworks became indispensable to society and culture in various parts of the world. However fireworks in China are still a fascinating sight to behold during the major festivities and celebrations like the Spring Festival, which is the celebration of Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. China ranks first in the world in terms of production and export of fireworks. 

Chinese fireworks are categorised mainly into two types, fireworks that are burnt on the ground and the fireworks that are displayed in the sky. The skyrockets are the most attractive, popular and expensive fireworks that are lighted up in the air. Fireworks are required to be used with caution and care, as lack of safety measures can put the person using those into grave risk. Not the users but also the people watching the brightly hued display of fireworks should be careful enough while remaining nearby the flammable fireworks. However, the quantity of explosive ingredients is negligible in the fireworks that are used by the common people. 

Display and competition of Chinese fireworks, which are also known as pyrotechnics, accompanied by innumerable effects such as Falling Leaf, Crossette, Time Rain, Bengal Fire and Multi-break shells, complemented by various sounds like whistles, bangs and crackles are popular attractions of festivals and celebrations across the world. In fact, laws regarding the safety of consumer fireworks exist in different countries around the world, some of these nations being Philippines, France, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Chile.


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