Diwali Living Room Decoration Ideas : Easy Guide on Home Decoration

With just a few days left for Diwali, its time now to start preparing to deck up your home. Living room is the main room which I believe in Diwali will be the busiest room as your guests will come and sit here. Make your living room absolutely gorgeous and attractive during Diwali. You can deck up your living room quite easily. But for that plan beforehand.   

Points to be taken care of before
  • Does your living room need a paint? If yes, call the painter now.
  • Are you satisfied with the furnishings or you need new? If yes, get them now as you will get many stuff in discounted prices at this time. Pre Diwali sales are going on.
  • Polish your brass artefacts and figurines.
  • Clean the light holders.
  • You don't have to change your furniture. All you can do is to change their placing and re-polish them if required.
  • Make a list of things that you need like as diyas, candles, lights, flowers, ragoli powder, torans etc.

Pre Diwali Decorations
  • Clean the living room properly. Throw away the unwanted products.
  • Clean the curtains and sofa covers and other textiles which are washable at home. If you want, you can use some other curtains or sofa covers which were not used for a very long time. 
  • If you have unwanted old sarees, you can simply use them to drape your windows and sofa covers or cushions.

Diwali Day Living Room Decorations

Rangoli:  Start with a rangoli first as this takes time to make. Use the corner of your living room. If you want, you can use any floor space to make the rangoli, provided it is in a place from which it can be easily seen and should not be in anyone's pathway.

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Flowers :  Don't forget to bring fresh flowers on Diwali. You can make a beautiful floral rongoli or line up the sides of the room with fresh flowers. A bouquet of fresh flowers on the corner table or on the dining table looks great. Garlands also look great when you hang them on the doors and windows.

For more designs check out Diwali Flower Decorations

Diyas and Lights :  No diwali is complete without lights and diyas. Illuminate your living room in the best way possible. Use candles, designer diyas to illuminate every part of the room. Floating candles look awesome. Check out some Floating Candle Diwali Decoration Ideas. Floating Diyas also look great. Make use of votive holders and tea lights. If you have a console table, use it properly. 

Diwali Torans and Hangings: Usher in prosperity and luck this Diwali with Diwali Torans and hangings.  


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