How to Draw a Floating Rangoli, Step By Step Guide to Draw a Floating Rangoli

Floating Rangoli is basically rangoli in water. An artistic appearance of painting rangoli on water by using color and kundans and beads is water rangoli. This gives an altogether different look to your usual rangolis. Making floating rangolis is fun and easy. Here is a step-by-step procedure and pattern to make a water rangoli.

Floating Rangoli: How to make one?

Materials Required

  • Butter paper
  • Glass outliner / Golden Glitter glue
  • Glass color
  • Kundans, Beads (Optional)
  • Flat vessel (Crystal/ plastic/steel/ Brass)
  • Water

Stepwise Guide

  • Draw the rangoli pattern, any favourite design of yours on the butter paper with pencil
  • Outline it with glass outliner or Golden Glitter glue and allow it to dry
  • Fill the inner part of design with glass colors and allow it to dry completely.
  • Fill the pattern with help of glass color and once again allow it to dry
  • Decorate your design with kundans or beads to give it a more highlighting effect.
  • Your rangoli is ready.

How to Float the Rangoli?

  • Pour water in a vessel.
  • Slowly immerse the pattern in water.
  • Whichever side looks more attractive should face upwards.

Safety Tips
Place the vessel in that area only where you want to display the floating rangoli. This should be done before immersing the pattern in water. Moving the vessel may spoil your design.

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