Rangoli Designs with Beads and Kundans, Rangolis with Beads, Rangolis with Kundans

This Diwali, Make your entrance more attractive with Rangolis with Beads

Gone are the traditional designs of Rangolis with dry powder colours, sindoor and flour. Rangoli designs have undegone tremendous changes in terms of style patterns and materials used. Rangolis today have become far more artistic and attractive and have also become a work of art for many. Came across some lovely designs in a blog that I have gone through by the name of Easy Crafts.

 Photo Gallery : Rangoli Designs with Beads and Kundans
The rangolis look awesome with their simple floral patterns and teardrop shapes. The highlighting feature of these rangolis are that they are made of beads, pearls and kundans. Now don't think that they are very expensive. These are easiliy available in local embroidery or fashion accessories stores. Just get a bunch of them in various colours and start displaying your artistic sense. The rangolis look awesome.

You can also purchase these rangolis at Indian Handicrafts


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