Diwali Decoration Ideas: Table Decoration, Diwali Table Decorations, Table Decorations on Diwali

With diwali approaching, you all must have started preparing for this grand festival. As you all know one of the essential part of the celebartions of diwali is to clean and decorate your home. Right from changing your home furnishings, to painting your home to buying new decorative items , there are various ways to spruce up your home. Now with Diwali comes food, sweets and flavours. Relatives, friends, neighbors visit your home and so one of the best ways to embellish your interior during diwali is dining table decorations. Everyday life and time constraints us from decorating our table. But with a special festival like diwali, you can easily make your dining room look great.  Dining table decorations give warm and inviting ambiance to entire room. The sweets , the dry fruits tray, various delicious food can be presented in a beautiful way on your dining table. A normal table can be made look more beautiful and attractive if you add few additional items on the table besides the food. It can be as simple as placing some folded napkins or lighting a few candles or placing few flowers. Diwali is the festival of lights and so the most important decor element is lights, lamps, traditional Indian diyas, candles...

Diwali Decoration Ideas: Table Decoration
Let us show below some beautiful table decoration ideas:

You have your dry fruits trays and the sweets thalis beautifully placed in between flowers and diyas. Check out the plates with the flowers and thediyas in the table below:

Table Decoration with flowers and candles
In the following decoration, you will see a very ethnic appearance with a modern touch. The red silk table runner, together with the long candles, the beautifully folded napkins and in between the brass plates and glasses have given a traditional Indian look of the table. But yes, the wine glasses have displayed a modern outlook.

Traditional Table Decoration with a Modern Touch
This is another traditional design idea. The peacock leaf has displayed a very pure look and feel to the table.

Diwali Table Decoration
Floating candles and flower arrangments on the dining table provides an eye-catching decoration to the Diwali celebration.

What about these beautiful votive candle holders on the table?

If you are creative, then check out this water melon which has been beautifully cut to hold small diyas. Keeping just one of these  can beautifully highlight your dining table.

This is another simple table decoration idea. Take a crystal bowl and fill it with flowers.

Here on a simple place mat, you are placing flowers, small bowls with pebbles and flowers.


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