Contemporary Diwali Lights, Contemporary Diwali Lighting, Diwali Lighting

No doubt an essential part of the celebrations of Diwali is to light up your entire home, to welcome Goddess Laxmi and win the hearts of your dear and near ones. You make your house look more vibrant and colorful. Diwali lights have turned up to be more and more contemporary these days. With just a few days  left for diwali, it is time for you to start the preparations. The home decor market is flooded with lots of contemporary diwali lights and lighting. These lights are gorgeous and the best part is that they are very unique and stylish.

Check out below some contemporary Diwali Lights

Rock lit oil lamps
Check out the rock lit oil lamps below.  They are handcrafted from real stones, and have multiple fiberglass wicks. Manufactured by the rocklite candle company, these are actual stones in various shapes and sizes, where you have to simply pour candle oil through the opening, insert the wick, light up. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Colored Oil Glass Lamps
Check out the Glass oil lamps below. They have coloured oils of different density mixed together. These lights are very chic and stylish, adding a dash of color and light to the home.

Crystal Ganpati With Decorative Lighting
This decorative lighting can be a wonderful diwali gift. Or you can use it for your own home decoration. Just place this on a corner table or console table in your living room or entryway. The soft glow that emits from the statue gives a very warm and welcoming effect.

Table Top Fireplace Oil Lamp
The table top lights given below are really very unique designs. They are stainless steel "logs" with wicks which make them more interesting than your standard oil-filled lamp with a wick.


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