Rangoli Designs Using Dots, Dots Rangoli Designs, Diwali Rangolis with Dots

Rangolis can be drawn using dots. Infact, the most common rangoli designs start with dots which are connected to form various shapes and patterns. Check out some beautiful designs of rangolis using dots...

The dots which are drawn on the floor are actually the guiding dots for you to draw the rangoli. The keys in rangoli design are to begin with a grid of dots and lines, and to complete the design in one flowing movement of the hand. You imagine a shape or pattern and start outlining it with dots.

There are two options for this. Either you draw the dots on your own or use paper with dots. You can buy paper of dots from market. Drawing dots on the floor using hand is slightly difficult as it becomes difficult to put all the dots symmetrically, unless and until you are expert at it. If dots are not placed symmetrically then the Rangoli looks asymmetrical & out of shape. So it is always better to buy paper with dots to draw Rangoli from the market. In some shops, you also get a complete packet of Rangoli colors with dotted paper.
Paper Dots
 Dot Rangoli Design 1
Dot Rangoli Design 1
 Dot Rangoli Design 2
Dot Rangoli Design 2

Check some more rangoli dot designs here:


sasha concepcion said...

Nice collection of rangoli designs for diwali. I discovered your blog while looking for more rangoli to pin to http://www.pinterest.com/kumar65/rangoli-designs/. Thank you for sharing!


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