Check out how natural flowers can be used for diwali decorations


Check out these lovely pictures incorporating Ganesha in rangolis.


Besides diyas and lamps, candles are yet another way of decoration your home during diwali.


Sending online gifts to India or abroad is the best option that one can opt for...


Rich or poor, financial crisis or prosperity, decorating the house during Diwali is an important activity for everyone.

American Express launches pre-paid gift card in India, Diwali Gift Card

American multinational financial services corporation American Express today launched a new pre-paid gift card in India. The gift card is available in two variants - 'Classic' and 'Diwali' - and entails no additional spending after purchase, an American Express release said. The card will be available in Rs 500, Rs 1,000, Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 denominations, it said, adding that it can be replaced for free if lost or stolen.

Diwali Gifts Crockery, Diwali Gifts Crockery Cookware , Crockery Cookware Diwali Gift

Any festive occasion is incomplete without gifts. Diwali, apart from being the festival of lights, is also the occasion of exchanging gifts. Gift-giving and gift taking is an ancient custom which has been followed ever since to strenthen relatisonships and friendship ties. This diwali, give something that lasts. Crockery items are one of the best gift items that can be given to your dear and near ones, your friends, relatives. Crockery is also a good corporate gift. crockery items are quite popular as Diwali Gifts. They also reflect your prayers and wishes for the health and fortune of the recipent and his/her family. 

Types of crockery

Diwali Entrance, Entrance Decoration During Diwali, Diwali entrance Decoration Ideas

Diwali is the time to decorate your home so that you give you home the most beautiful and festive look. People decorate the entrance to their houses to welcome and encourage Goddess Lakshmi to enter. There are many ways that can help you to enhance your house's exterior look this Diwali. There is a range of decorative items which can brighten up your home. Rangolis, flowers, torans, diyas, candles, lights can beautify the entrance of your house. Ideas are endless to decorate exterior. Have a look on these  Diwali entrance Decoration Ideas.

Entrance Decoration During Diwali

Rangoli Designs Using Dots, Dots Rangoli Designs, Diwali Rangolis with Dots

Rangolis can be drawn using dots. Infact, the most common rangoli designs start with dots which are connected to form various shapes and patterns. Check out some beautiful designs of rangolis using dots...

The dots which are drawn on the floor are actually the guiding dots for you to draw the rangoli. The keys in rangoli design are to begin with a grid of dots and lines, and to complete the design in one flowing movement of the hand. You imagine a shape or pattern and start outlining it with dots.

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