Check out how natural flowers can be used for diwali decorations


Check out these lovely pictures incorporating Ganesha in rangolis.


Besides diyas and lamps, candles are yet another way of decoration your home during diwali.


Sending online gifts to India or abroad is the best option that one can opt for...


Rich or poor, financial crisis or prosperity, decorating the house during Diwali is an important activity for everyone.

Tarot Reading for all Zodiac Signs on Diwali, Diwali 2011 Tarot Readings

Diwali is an auspicious time for new beginnings. Wonder what future has in store for you? Tarot card reader Maanya Kohli looks at her cards to predict for the zodia signs on this diwali. Excerpts from Hindustan Times dated 24th Oct. by Maanya Kohli.

Aries: March 21 through April 20
Dear Arians, the festival of lights brings lots of joy, 

celebration, success, and happiness. It seems that you have worked very hard over the past few months and now is the time to reap the fruits of your hard work. 

This is a period of completion. One cycle of your life is ending and another cycle is beginning. You are now feeling a sense of closure as well as accomplishment.

The cards foretell good news related to marriage, childbirth, or a dream coming true. You are bound to get well-earned praise and success for your achievements. 

Travel is also on the cards for you! So get ready to pack your bags and leave on a jet plane. You will embark on a journey, which will prove to be extremely beneficial.

Angel Message: Enjoy, celebrate, and be ready to usher in a new chapter in life.
Good Color: Sky Blue
Good Number: 21

Taurus: April 21 through May 21
Dear Taureans, you are known for your warm and gregarious nature, then why is that you are suppressing your emotions this Diwali. You need to go all out, express your feelings, and get attached to people.
You are confident and intelligent and will be able to win over arguments. It's an auspicious time to sit for examinations and interviews because it's very likely that you would come out with flying colors. The cards also foresee professional growth so get ready for a promotion or a huge bonus!
Angel Message: Act on your impulses, leave behind your inhibitions. Get involved with people and share happiness with your family and friends. 
Good Color: Silver
Good Number: 6

Gemini: May 22 through June 21
Dear Geminis, this Diwali ushers in the fulfillment of a long-cherished goal.

You are brimming with the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done! You will be successful in creative projects and business ventures. The cards also indicate that you will win tributes for the same. You are keen to improve the quality of your life or your work.
Geminis, remember that you have all the skills necessary to achieve your goals and succeed in all your undertakings. Do not let despair dampen your enthusiasm. However, never forget the benefits of team work! You are likely to fare better if you work as a team and cooperate with others. Also, be open to suggestions as they will prove to turn in your favour.

Good news will also arrive on the wealth front.

Children will make you proud and will be a source of happiness!

Angel Message: Get ready to be rewarded or recognised for your past labour!
Good Color: Lotus Pink, Orange
Good Number: 3

Cancer: June 22 through July 23
Dear Cancerians, this Diwali you must spare some time for self-introspection. Try and understand the deeper meaning of life. No event is a matter of chance but everything is based on cause and effect. Accept responsibility for your actions and do not try to shift the blame onto others. If an event has occurred in your life it is because of your own past choices.

This Diwali, invest in yourself, go on a shopping spree or go for a makeover! Be a little less critical of yourself.

Be wary not to unnecessarily get into fights or legal affairs. Do not ruffle feathers of government officials as it might prove detrimental.

A Libra person will be supportive.
Angel Message: Believe in Karma. As you sow so shall you reap!
Good Color: Light Green
Good Number: 11

Leo: July 24 through August 23
This Diwali brings with it sudden and unexpected events in your life, beloved Lions! There could be a sudden turn of events, a quick departure or arrival. You also might be pulled into a debate or an argument.

The cards also show that you are brimming with confidence. You will be successful in professional undertakings and would have a competitive edge over your colleagues and co-workers. Feel free to implement and share new ideas and creative ventures. You will be impartial in your decisions. Please ensure that you do not act too hastily or else your efforts might get wasted.

Angel Message: Be confident and tread on the rosy path of success! Use your intellect to win over situations.

Good Color: Steel Grey, Silver
Good Number: 3

Virgo: August 24 through September 23
Dear Virgos, it seems that you are currently focusing on short-term desires rather than long-term goals. Remember, you need to move beyond worldly pleasures toward things that bring you sustainable happiness and satisfaction.

This Diwali, you need to take a holiday or a break from your usual routine. Do things you enjoy, be happy, celebrate the occasion called life and come back rejuvenated and recharged! A walk in the woods will prove therapeutic.

You are sure to get some news or message around Diwali. In case the message doesn't seem to be positive at first glance, keep in mind that there is always potential in the message that the cards bring for you!

Don't gamble excessively this Diwali.
Angel Message: You might be dillydallying and are not accepting responsibility professionally or personally. Trust your instincts, have faith, everything will turn out for your best.
Good Color: Brown, Gold
Good Number: 5, 8

Libra: September 24 through October 23
Dear Librans, this Diwali brings you great happiness as you will be enjoying the spoils of your victory. You will achieve your goals and will get public recognition for your efforts. Remember, that this victory is just the beginning and you still need to do a lot of work, miles to go before you sleep! Have faith that you will reach your destination and will achieve even greater glory and fame.

This is a good time to start a new project…you could launch a brand or a fashion label, publish a book, or act in a movie. Just be wary that your success does not get to your head as it was pride that led to Satan's fall from the heaven.

The cards also foretell the beginning of a new friendship or a romantic relationship.

Angel Message: Chart the path less travelled by and you shall be victorious!
Good Color: Dark Blue
Good Number: 6

Scorpio: October 24 through November 22
This Diwali marks a period in your life where one chapter is over and a new chapter is about to begin. You are currently in a state of rest and relaxation but at the same time you are brimming with enthusiasm to turn over a new leaf in life.

This is a good time for a family get-together. The cards indicate that the time is ripe for a special occasion such as your graduation, marriage after a long courtship, or successful completion of an important business venture!

You might even travel for business or pleasure. The travel will bring you well-deserved success, recognition, and happiness!
Angel Message: Be ready to herald the new phase in your life with open arms!
Good Color: All colors of the rainbow
Good Number: 21

Sagittarius: November 23 through December 21
Dear Archer, this Diwali you will be filled with will power, patience, and determination. Your innate strength is so strong that you will be able to win over every problem and situation. Please remember, that it is easier to win not by using brute force but by use of sheer love and patience.
Your home front will be filled with trust and mutual love and fulfillment. You can coax your partner into agreeing to your ways of thinking.
You will take responsibility of your actions and will triumph over all odds. Wealth and bounty will also pour in this Diwali!

A Leo person will be supportive.

Angel Message: Give others space and offer love and patience to your partner. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
Good Color: Yellow
Good Number: 8

Capricorn: December 22 through January 20
Dear Capris, this Diwali you need to alter the course of your actions. Look at all the bounty around you and stop concentrating over the negatives. Understand that everything happens for a reason and all of life's experiences teach you a lesson.

Keep in mind that some amount of suffering is for your own good and you will eventually emerge stronger. Maybe you feel that much has been lost but the cards foresee that there is still a ray of hope. A new opportunity is knocking at your door. Stop crying over spilled milk, open your eyes, and embrace new prospects. 
Angel Message: Do not indulge in self-pity and never let your tears stop you from seeing what is left over. Smile and cherish all that Diwali brings with it for you.
Good Color: Grey
Good Number: 5

Aquarius: January 21 through February 19
Dear Aquarians, this Diwali is the time to turn a fresh leaf in the chapter of life. It is time to move on. The cards indicate travel or movement away from the known toward the unknown. You might still feel attached to the past or the known, but in your heart you know that this movement is for the better and will bring you much-deserved success, happiness, and love. Yes, you might even find love beckoning to you.

It is a good time to take a stock of your situation and analyse what you can do to attract happiness and joy. Seek innate happiness and joy and not only worldly pleasures. Start your journey of inner discovery.

Angel Message: This Diwali try to light the diyas with the light from your innate self.

Good Color: Sunshine Yellow, Pink
Good Number: 8

Pisces: February 20 through March 20
Dear Pisceans, Diwali brings with it some good news or message from the angels for you. You are filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and child like imagination. Realise your creative potential; trust me, life will never be the same henceforth. You are ready to challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit.

On the romantic front, you will meet someone who is a faithful lover with oodles of passion and enthusiasm.

This Diwali the light from your inner fire will show you that you do not need to escape from problems.

Angel Message: You are strong enough to take the world head on…you will be surprised with the outcome.
Good Color: Red, Pink
Good Number: 9

Choti Diwali Festival, Choti Diwali - Narak Chaturdashi, Choti Diwali, Choti Diwali Puja

Choti Diwali is celebrated just a day before Diwali. This day is celebrated on a lower scale compared to the main Diwali but the enthusiasm and zeal of the celebration is same. Choti Diwali is also known as or Narak Chaturdashi . The Narak Chaturdashi, falls on the fourteenth day of the Hindi month. Just like Diwali people light diyas on Chhoti Diwali to fill their homes with light and worship Goddess Laxmi.

Choti Diwali Legends

Vastu Tips on Diwali, Diwali Vastu Tips, Vastu Guide for Diwali

The Environment
  • A clutter-free environment is essential to regulate and improve the flow positive energy in the area. Laxmiji enters the house which is properly neat & clean.
  • Open spaces allow the positive energy to move freely in the household. Any obstruction to this balanced flow of energy should be removed.
  • The house should be properly lit and no corner should be left in darkness.   

Glod Rates Today, Silver Rates Today, Dhanteras Gold and Silver Rates

Today (24th Oct 2011) is Dhanteras. Time to buy something. It is said that buying gold or silver is a sign of bringing home luck and properity. So check out below the gold and silver rates for today.

Dhanteras Puja 2011, Dhanteras Time 2011, Dhanteras Puja Muhurat

Dhanteras is celebrated on Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha. Apart from Dev Dhanvantri, Goddess Lakshmi and God Kuber are worshipped on this day. Yam Dev is also offered Deep Dan on this day. it is believed, worshipping Lord Yam on this day cancel any premature death. After worshipping Yam Dev, a lamp should be lit on the entrance door facing the south direction for the whole night. Few coins and kodi are put in this lamp.

Dhanteras Puja Muhurat 

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DiWali offers By e-bay

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Diwali Festival Gold Coins Offer by Banks, Diwali Gold Offer by Banks

With Diwali and Dhanteras round the corner, gold buying is experiencing its seasonal spurt. Considering the fluctuations and increase in the rate of gold since last year, gold prices are expected to trade anywhere between Rs 26,000 and 29,000 range this Diwali. Banks also offer Gold Bars, Gold Coils, which are competitively priced based on the daily prices in the international bullion market.

Reliance Trends Diwali Offer, Reliance Digital Diwali Offer 2011, Reliance Diwali Offer 2011

Reliance Trends, the fashion, apparels and accessories : a specialty concept of Reliance Retail is coming up with overwhelming offers as part of the Diwali offer 2011. Reliance Trends, having some of the best brands from various parts of the world including their collections, has planned irresistible offers, disocunts and gifts for this Diwali.  

Big Bazaar Diwali Offers 2011, Diwali Offers by Big Bazaar, Big Bazaar Diwali Offers

Big Bazaar has come up with its latest offers on this Diwali 2011 . The Big Bazaar have started their "Swagatam" range of offers and assured gifts for Diwali 2011. All purchase can be made at the BigBazaar Stores across India and where the offers can be availed.

Some Exciting Diwali Offers, Latest Diwali Offers 2011 , Amazing Diwali Offers

Dont miss the best Diwali offers in 2011 while shopping or buying online. Get discounts, offers, gift vouchers, gifts for Diwali  2011 from major stores.  Companies bring more Diwali offers in the market as people wait for months to make their purchases on the occasion of diwali. These Diwali offers are very attractive. Presenting below some useful and important Diwali 2011 offers being announced by various electronic companies, electronic stores, automobile companies, super stores, fashion lines, major brands, etc. The information given below is collected from one of the leading web site "Offers Gallore". For details of the offer, you must check out the respective stores or websites. So Happy Shopping.


Diwali 2011 Car Offers, Upcoming Cars in Diwali 2011, Diwali Offers on Cars

With Diwali comes the discount and offer season. Diwali comes with some cool offers. People wait for this season to get the best offer at a reasonable. It is said that buying things on Diwali is a sign of luck and prosperity. Offers and discounts are available on various electronics products, vehicles, clothes, jewelleries etc. We give below some of the details of the upcoming car offers in Diwali.

Diwali 2011 Car Offers

Floating Candles Decorating Ideas, Floating Candles in Diwali, Diwali Decorations with Floating Candles

Lighting candles is one of the easiest ways of adding an enchanting look and feel to an indoor or outdoor space in Diwali.  Bulk floating candles provide a beautiful glow that makes the diwali celebration come alive and make it more vibrant and colorful. Perfect for such festivities, floating candles come in many styles and scents. Actually the beauty of the floating candles is further highlighted depending on the vase or bowl or container in which it is kept. Use you imagination and your artistic sense to enhance the look of your home during diwali using floation candles. 

Some Floating Candles Decoration Ideas

Simple glasses are used, which are filled with water, some flowers and then the candles as shown below:
Floating Candles in Glasses

Diwali Flowers Decorations, Using Flowers During Diwali, Diwali Decorations Using Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of the celebration in diwali. Whether for puja or for decorations, flowers are a must in diwali. The common flowers used in diwali puja are Marigold, rose, mango leaves and bel leaves. Flowers are great embellishments. Spread the aroma of flowers in your home during diwali. Fill a flower vase with aromatic fresh cut flowers and place it at your living room table. Flowers are beautifully used in the patio, balconies, doorways, walls or terrace. The freshly cut colorful flowers in attractive branches and kept in flower vases can beautifully enhance the look of the corners of the room. Mango leaves and marigold flowers are used as diwali torans. Fresh flowers are also used to make garlands which are then hung in doorways and walls.  Floral Rangolis are also very popular in diwaii. Natural flowers when placed strategically across the Rangoli pattern can enlighten the whole effect.During diwali, flower bouquets are considered a beautiful gift options by many. The diwali puja thali looks all the more beautiful with fresh flowers so also the floating candles in a tub of water with flowers. Thus without flowers, diwali celebrations are incomplete.

Let us check out below how natural flowers can be used for diwali decorations: 

Indian Home Decorations During Diwali, Diwali Home Decorations

With Diwali- 'The Festival of Lights', people are just trying to spruce up their homes. The excitement begins.. so does the preparations. Flowers, paints, rangolis, sparkly diyas & lamps, lights, diwali torans, new curtains, window treatments, there are many ways that you can decorate your home. Specially in Indian homes, you will find a vibrant look and feel during diwali. Everywhere there are lights, colors and flavors. Nowadays, the market is flooded with an amazing range of home decor products that you can easily find one that suits your budget and taste. You can give an altogether ethnic and traditional look and feel of your home during this diwali. Make your home a tribute to the rich Indian culture. A fusion of the finest of modern art, splendid lights and antique metals is the perfect way to beautify your home this year.
Given below are few ideas of home decoration during diwali. 

Diwali Decoration Ideas: Table Decoration, Diwali Table Decorations, Table Decorations on Diwali

With diwali approaching, you all must have started preparing for this grand festival. As you all know one of the essential part of the celebartions of diwali is to clean and decorate your home. Right from changing your home furnishings, to painting your home to buying new decorative items , there are various ways to spruce up your home. Now with Diwali comes food, sweets and flavours. Relatives, friends, neighbors visit your home and so one of the best ways to embellish your interior during diwali is dining table decorations. Everyday life and time constraints us from decorating our table. But with a special festival like diwali, you can easily make your dining room look great.  Dining table decorations give warm and inviting ambiance to entire room. The sweets , the dry fruits tray, various delicious food can be presented in a beautiful way on your dining table. A normal table can be made look more beautiful and attractive if you add few additional items on the table besides the food. It can be as simple as placing some folded napkins or lighting a few candles or placing few flowers. Diwali is the festival of lights and so the most important decor element is lights, lamps, traditional Indian diyas, candles...

Diwali Decoration Ideas: Table Decoration
Let us show below some beautiful table decoration ideas:

Contemporary Diwali Lights, Contemporary Diwali Lighting, Diwali Lighting

No doubt an essential part of the celebrations of Diwali is to light up your entire home, to welcome Goddess Laxmi and win the hearts of your dear and near ones. You make your house look more vibrant and colorful. Diwali lights have turned up to be more and more contemporary these days. With just a few days  left for diwali, it is time for you to start the preparations. The home decor market is flooded with lots of contemporary diwali lights and lighting. These lights are gorgeous and the best part is that they are very unique and stylish.

Check out below some contemporary Diwali Lights

American Express launches pre-paid gift card in India, Diwali Gift Card

American multinational financial services corporation American Express today launched a new pre-paid gift card in India. The gift card is available in two variants - 'Classic' and 'Diwali' - and entails no additional spending after purchase, an American Express release said. The card will be available in Rs 500, Rs 1,000, Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 denominations, it said, adding that it can be replaced for free if lost or stolen.

Diwali Gifts Crockery, Diwali Gifts Crockery Cookware , Crockery Cookware Diwali Gift

Any festive occasion is incomplete without gifts. Diwali, apart from being the festival of lights, is also the occasion of exchanging gifts. Gift-giving and gift taking is an ancient custom which has been followed ever since to strenthen relatisonships and friendship ties. This diwali, give something that lasts. Crockery items are one of the best gift items that can be given to your dear and near ones, your friends, relatives. Crockery is also a good corporate gift. crockery items are quite popular as Diwali Gifts. They also reflect your prayers and wishes for the health and fortune of the recipent and his/her family. 

Types of crockery

Diwali Entrance, Entrance Decoration During Diwali, Diwali entrance Decoration Ideas

Diwali is the time to decorate your home so that you give you home the most beautiful and festive look. People decorate the entrance to their houses to welcome and encourage Goddess Lakshmi to enter. There are many ways that can help you to enhance your house's exterior look this Diwali. There is a range of decorative items which can brighten up your home. Rangolis, flowers, torans, diyas, candles, lights can beautify the entrance of your house. Ideas are endless to decorate exterior. Have a look on these  Diwali entrance Decoration Ideas.

Entrance Decoration During Diwali

Rangoli Designs Using Dots, Dots Rangoli Designs, Diwali Rangolis with Dots

Rangolis can be drawn using dots. Infact, the most common rangoli designs start with dots which are connected to form various shapes and patterns. Check out some beautiful designs of rangolis using dots...

The dots which are drawn on the floor are actually the guiding dots for you to draw the rangoli. The keys in rangoli design are to begin with a grid of dots and lines, and to complete the design in one flowing movement of the hand. You imagine a shape or pattern and start outlining it with dots.

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