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As Diwali is just round the corner, cleaning of home and clearing of unwanted objects is seen in every household. People celebrate this festival by rigorously cleaning their homes, adorning their interiors with candles, use firecrackers, prepare dishes, send gifts and good wishes and pray. Diwali is the festival of lights. It is a festival that symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Fengshui also plays an important role in diwali as the basic idea of the entire festival is to remove evil and bring in good just as fengshui practices help good energy flow over bad energy. Let us see how we can relate Fengshui with Diwali

First of all, identify clutter. Identify clutter in your house. Remove it or else find a suitable place for it. This will cleanse your home for the celebration of Diwali and remove the distracting and energy-depleting presence of the clutter. According to feng shui, an efficient way to identify clutter is to examine each object and assess whether it has a functional use or not or whether it is beautiful or not. If it is neither useful nor beautiful,then simply throw it away. In this way, you get more space for to display added lamps, lanterns and lights to bring in more positive energy.

Cleaning your home in Feng shui way. As cleaning is a part of diwali celebrations, why dont you use the fengshui method. Use sea salt mixed with water while cleaning the floor of your home. Cleansing your home helps in removing negative energy that has accumulated over time. Burn aromatic candle or sage or sandalwood. Make sure to walk slowly around your home. Let the aroma flows though each room and corner of the house. Since Diwali also indicates the ensuing of New Year, this strategy should help in helping you purify the energy in your home so that you can embark on the new year with a positive start.

Color plays a vital role as well. Diwali is a time to strengthen relationships, family bonding, social bonding. You can use color strategically to enhance the appropriate atmosphere of each room in your house so that it leads to healthy relationships. According to the practice of feng shui, color can dramatically improve our mood and performance. Find out what color suits in each room. For example, colors like red and yellow are energizing and could be suitable for a kitchen where you start your mornings, or for a home office. Orange helps bringing people together, so it could be suitable for common areas. Green is a color that comes straight from nature and can help in growth and inspiration. Blue or pink is a soothing, relaxing color and would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. For living space, go for light, warm colors.


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