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Besides diyas and lamps, candles are yet another way of decoration your home during diwali. Candles of all shapes and sizes and colors are available in the market during diwali and they can be placed in various areas of the house. Whether on the railing in the balcony or on the floor in the frontyard, the beauty of light emiting from these candles cannot be ignored.

Tips of decoration with candles

You can place the candles on the shelves or behind furniture and a decoration tip is to cover them with colored glass. This produces a shimmering rainbow effect. But you must be careful that while placing them, there are no inflammables around the candle. You can also place the candles on ceramic plates/bowls.
  • Start collecting some empty cold drink cans. Cut open the top lid and paint them. You can also cuthem in various shapes. Then place candles in it and hang the cans in dark places. At night, this gives the appearance of different figures dancing in the nearby walls.
  • You can use decorative candle holders. Hold aromatic candles in these holders. Keep them in the living rooms, for that lovely ambience.
  • Candles can also be used to create centerpieces. Place candles in a pretty basket or under a bell jar.
  • You garden or terrance garden can also be decorated using candles. Use thicker candles for such places but make sue that they are not kept very closed to plants so as to destroy them.
  • Mix and match your candles as per your taste. One option is to place a very large candle in the living room corner. Or you can create a cluster for the center table. Floting candles in a large bowl can be kept in the entrance, etc.
    How to decorate candles?
    • There are quite a few ways of decorating your candle and personalizing them:
    • Paint on them different patterns
    • Use flower petals to surround the areas near candles.
    • Glitters are a fun and simple way to make your candles special. Just put a thin layer of glue on the candles, and sprinkle glitter. Allow to dry, your candles are ready.
    • Make fancy knots using ribbons and tie them on candle holders for that bright effect.
    • Stick stickers onto your candles.
    Check out some lovely candle decorations and candle designs here


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