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Rangoli Patterns to make your Rangoli Drawing Easier: Use these Patterns to Draw your Rangoli
The drawing of Rangoli on the floor near the main entrance or frontyard to the house is a traditional custom followed in all Hindu homes during diwali. It is said colorful rangolis ward off evil spirits and welcome Ma Laksmi, the Goddess of wealth on Diwali. Rangoli is one of the most common art forms in India and can also be used on walls, as well as art. Most Rangolis are geometrical patterns that include many shapes like Lines, Dots, Circles, Squares, Triangles, Footprints, Flowers, Trees, Creepers, Leaves, Swastikas, Fish, Conch shell, Lotus, Trident, Spirals and Animals. Check out these patterns which will make your rangoli drawing easier. Just draw these patterns on the floor in a bigger size and fill it with colors of your choice. You can also use pulses, rice, flour, beads, on the rangolis.

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