Have a Safe Diwali: The Dos and Don`ts this Diwali

Hurray. The long awaited day has finally arrived. Starting today (15.10.09) diwali starts. Today is Dhanteras. The air is already filled with Dhoom and Dhadaka with crackers being burst at every corner of the city. An integral part of Diwali celebration is Fireworks. To reduce the pollution level, it is always advisable not to burst crackers. But then diwali is also incomplete without crackers.The Festival of Lights will lose its luminosity and charm if it is not for crackers, sweets, lights, fun and parties. All that is required in this season is that you enjoy every bit of it with family and friends. Don't let the bright and beautiful festival turn in to a nightmare. All you can do is take a few basic precautions to make sure that the Diwali is safe, bright and colorful.

Dos for a safe diwali

  • Buy Fireworks from the licensed shop.
  • Keep crackers in a closed box, away from source of fire.
  • Read and follow the safety instructions issued with the firecrackers packet.
  • Open spaces like playgrounds, front or back lawn are ideal areas for bursting crackers. Play out side the house.
  • Use crackers with low noise level only.
  • Stand back while lighting the crackers.
  • Make sure that the crackers are at arm’s length.
  • Be sure to throw away used fireworks in a bucket of water.
  • Wear cotton clothes.
  • In case of burns, splash tap water and repeat the process till the burning sensation reduces. Refer to First Aid Home Treatment For Burns
  • If some foreign particles enters into your eyes, splash water in your eyes and then take medical advice.
  • Remember emergency phone numbers like fire, doctor, ambulance.
  • Keep buckets of water and blankets ready, in case a fire breaks out.
  • Always wear shoes / slippers while bursting crackers.
  • Put cotton in your ears if you are not very comfortable with loud sound and noise pollution.

  • Don’ts: Things to avoid
    • You should not burn crackers in crowded, congested places, narrow lanes or inside the house.
    • Do not fire crackers in staircases or at the boundary of the house.
    • Do not use crackers near inflammable material like oils,heaps of rubbles etc.
    • Don’t let children burst crackers by themselves. An adult should always accompanying them.
    • Many people indulge in covering crackers with tin containers or glass bottles for extra sound effect, but this can be extremely dangerous
    • Don’t dare to burn un-burst crackers! This is very dangerous. Light a new one instead.
    • Dont you ever think of lighting crackers on own hands. This may leave you with some serious injuries.
    • Avoid long loose clothes, especially be careful with your dupatta or saree pallu.
    • Don't wear synthetic clothes while bursting crackers.
    • Do not eat too many sweets. You might have an upset stomach.
    • Don't throw fireworks towards your friends or siblings.
    • Do not light two crackers at the same time.
    • Keep away from trees and electric wires while firing crackers.
    • Asthmatic and persons having breathing problem should not go outside.
    • Don't throw lit crackers in the air or in closed area.


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