Diwali Home Decor: Make a Makeover of your Room during this Diwali

Rich or poor, financial crisis or prosperity, decorating the house during Diwali is an important activity for everyone. Extreme importance is given to cleanliness during Deepavali. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits those houses which are clean. To give a warm welcome to Ma Lakshmi houses are cleanned, lighted with diyas and lamps and decorated. Decoration during Diwali should not always be associated with costly renovation and new paint. Time, few constructive and creative ideas, patience can give every home a makeover and new look during Diwali. Decoration cannot be done on a single day neither the cleaning. Step by step start cleaning the house. Make sure that you get rid of all the unwanted things, trash, spider webs, etc. from your room.Forget about painting the house in a short period. Instead you can give the wall a new look by using your creativity and imagination. Use wall rugs, floor rugs, old colorful Saris, etc. on the wall. Go for bright colors. Use old sarees as curtains. This gives a very traditional look. Change the cushion covers, bed covers. Hang door torans. Decorate the wall with beautiful wall hangings. If you have time and ideas, change the arrangements in living room. Rearrange the furniture. A small change from regular arrangements will bring a lot of difference. Bring in new green plants. You can also decorate the room with fresh flowers and garlands. Diwali is all about lights. Make sure that all the lamps are working. Clean the chandeliers. You can use different types of earthen lamps or diyas,candles to light your room. You can place diyas of different shapes and sizes and a candle at the corner of the room. Prefer a dark corner for the assortment of diyas. On your dining table you can keep a glass bowl with flowers and floating candles.While arranging diyas, try to create different shapes. A beautiful rangoli at the entrance of your home is an added charm.


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