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Brighten Up The Festive Spirit with Diwali Ganesh Diyas: Beautiful, Decorative Ganesha Diya

Now that the diwali festival is approaching, the markets are witnessing extreme overcrowding. Many items are purchased during this time. One most popular item for which people rush to the markets to shop during diwali is the decorative Diwali diya lamps. Diwali is a festival celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil. It spreads the light by overcoming darkness. Diya or lamp is lit daily in Hindu homes and especially during festivals like Diwali. Since, the lamps and diyas greatly help in lighting the area, they are considered to be of utmost importance. Nowadays artistic designs are displayed in diwali diyas. A popular diwali diya is the Ganesha Diya. Lord Ganesha shaped as tiny diyas is extremely popular in the market. They are available in a wide range of materials like brass, bronze, aluminum, silver, gold, terracotta, clay, and porcelain. While the metal Ganesha diyas display intricate carving works, the others made of clay, or terracotta displays the handcrafted skills of Indian craftsmen. Embellished with painted `alapana,' folk motifs and graphics, and exuberant with colour, dressed up with mirrors, sequins, and zari, the Diwali Ganesha diya is an innovative and ingenious work of art. Ganesha Diyas are not only ideal for lighting the houses but they are also ideal for display. Check out this collection.
Clay Ganesh Diya

Silver Ganesh Laxmi Diya

Copper Ganesh Diya

Ceramic Ganesha Diyas

Silver Ganesha Diyas

Terracotta Ganesha Diyas

Metal Ganesh Diya


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