Beautiful Ganesha Rangoli Designs, Rangoli Ganesha, Ganesh Pattern Rangolis

Lord Ganesha is a very important religious symbol during Diwali. The festival is celebrated so that blessings are bestowed on us by Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Diwali Pooja is a way of commemorating the Lord and the Goddess. As a part of diwali celebrations, the auspicious Ganesha is used in various forms, be it the idols, the door hangings, pooja thali, diwali greetings, envelopes, diyas or rangolis. One of the most common patterns used in Diwali rangolis is the Ganesha. You use flowers, flour, sindoor, rice granules, rangoli powder, paint,  banana leaf, turmeric powder, pulses to create beautiful  Ganesh pattern rangolis. 

Just check out these lovely pictures incorporating Ganesha in rangolis.
Beautiful ganesh rangoli

Ganesh Rangoli Using Fresh Flowers

Colorful Ganesh Rangoli

Banana Leaf Ganesha
Ganesha Rangoli Made with Banana Leaf

Rangoli Pattern with White Flour and Flowers

Ganesh Rangoli with Turmeric Powder, Sindoor and Rose Petals

Rangoli Ganesh Design with Holi Colors
Painted Ganesh Rangoli
Floral Ganesh Rangoli


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