Sacred ingredients in Diwali Thali, Ingredients in a Diwali Thali, Akshat Rice in Diwali Thali

A typical Diwali Thali consists of all or some of the scared ingredients for Hindu worship as given below:

Unbroken rice grains(Akshat) : Akshat means unbroken rice grains. These are offered to the deities to gain wealth and prosperity by chanting this mantra "Akshtaashcha Surshreshtth Kumkumaaktaah Sushobhitaah. Mayaa Niveditaa Bhaktyaa Grihaann Parameshwar"

Kalalava or mouli: This is a sacred crimson string to tie around the wrist and also on the kalash on which the deity is placed with the mango leaves.

Roli: This is the red color powder for tilak (a sacred coloured mark drawn on the forehead).

Sweets and fruits for prasad (food offered to Ma Laksmi)

Gold or silver coins with images of Hindu holy symbols

Betel leaves

Aarti-diya: (lamp for worship)


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