Diwali torans, Torans for diwali, Diwali Bandhanwars, Door Hangings: Beautifully handcrafted

Torans, also known as Bandhanwars or Door Hangings, are one of the most important Diwali decorative items. Torans are used to adorn the main entrance door.These beautiful pieces of decoration are used to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the house nad hence also used to adorn the entrance door of the worship room. The decoration of the entrance of a place, which is called 'dwaar', becomes very important during diwali. These bandanwaars (torans) are the first thing that welcomes your guests as they step at your place. The beautiful door hangings thus have special significance as the decorative accessories in Diwali festivities. Traditional torans are made of mango leaves and marigold flowers, giving a fresh and authentic look but they do not last long. Hence different varieties of torans are available in the market which are long lasting. They are handcrafted and come embellished with embroidery, beads, mirror, sbells, sequins, shells, motifs of various Hindu Gods etc. Giving a festive charm to the festival, the torans not only make excellent pieces of decoration but also make exquisite gift items.

Varied styles to choose
Floral torans: These Bandanwaars are made with colorful flowers that could be fresh or artificial. The bandanwaars made of artificial flowers are made of paper and plastc. Hence they are reusable. The fresh flower torans emits a beautiful fragrance as one enters a house but they dry up soon.

Mirror Work Bandanwaars
Thses torans give a very ethnic look as the mirror work is the speciality of Rajasthani culture. These torans are made on a bright fabrics and decorated by attaching lovely mirror pieces to it. The mirror pieces could be in various shapes and sizes.

Embroidered Bandanwaars
These torans are decorated with different color embroidery threads. Many attractive shapes are embroidered on the toran like ganesha, camels, 'kalash', 'shubh-labh', happy diwali, flowers and many more.

Dori Bandanwaars
A very traditional design, the dori torans are made using variety of threads, like wool and zari. Many pieces of threads, called 'doris' are twisted and weaved together and attached on the fabric. Giving a kind of bringt appearance, as most of the doris are zari threads, other decorative accessories are also attached to the toran to make it more beautiful.


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