Diwali firecrackers, Diwlai Crackers, Dazzling Fireworks, Diwali Fireworks

Fireworks, crackers, lights explode into our lives with full fun on the festive occasion of diwali. The celebration of Diwali cannot be imagined without fireworks. Diwali is always marked by the brilliant light and sound of the firecrackers. The sparkle and splendour of the fireworks is beyond comparison, spreading joy and happiness in the heart of everyone even before the arrival of the festival. The market is flooded with different types of crackers making different sounds and emmiting light which lights up the dark no moon night, adding to the shimmer of this festive occasion. The craze of firecrackers is more among the children. Kids like to play with sparkle crackers while adult like crackers which burst with loud boom. The auspicious day is made lively with Diwali crackers that add panache to the festivities.

Varieties of fire crackers
The firecrackers available in the market are known by various nales like Pataka or crackers, Chakri or the common ground wheel, mild flower pots, fountains or anars, Diwalis rockets that fly into the sky, Phooljhadi or sparklers etc. Ideal for children, sparklers can be held by a stick, and they set off sparks. Kids love sparklers. The normal patakas come in strips and can be lit with one fuse. They are best known for the amount of noise they can create. The anars create sparks that flow up like fountains and spill on the ground. Atom bombs are packed with so much power that make a loung big bang sound. A combination of all the above makes an exclusive festive package which delights young and old alike.

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Jaidev Solanki said...

bompatackes se pardusan felta hai es liye hame enhe nahi jlana chahiye ptakho se kahin bhi aag lag sakti hai esliye hame enhen nahi jlana chahiye

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