Decorative Diwali Diya Lamps, Decorative Diwali Lamps, Decorative Lamps for Diwali

The traditional earthen lamps are giving way to decorative metal diyas. Diyas or lamps are made of different metals like brass, copper, bronze, steel and even gold and silver. The vibrancy of Indian ethnicity and craftsmanship can be easily sensed to come alive in the exotic range of metal diyas available, which are carefully crafted by the Indian artisans. The intricate carvings finely adorned, inlayed & embossed make these diyas stand apart. Indian artists display their artistic talents & come up with innovative ideas to beautify these pieces. Previously, diyas are limited to a small clay lamps. But now-a-days, metal diya lamps are available in different shapes, patterns ans sizes displaying an aesthetic work of art. Besides illuminating your homes, these diyas give a rich appearance to any room or courtyard. Metal diyas are perfect for showering your devoted feelings to Goddess Laksmi on Diwali. The best thing is that once used during diwali, they can be claened and they become permanent fixtures in homes and temples. They also suit the decoration of any type of interior. The artistically decorated diyas are widely demanded because of their unique craftsmanship.



Sonal Chouhan said...

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Happy Diwali!

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