Busy Time For Indian Potters and Artists: Making Traditional Diyas

With the Indian festival ‘Diwali’ just approaching, Indian potters and artists are busy making ‘diyas’ (Earthen Lamps). Diwali celebrations are marked by beautiful decoration of the homes using earthen lamps. Earthen lamps are the traditional way of illuminating the homes and premises on this festival of lights. Beautifully crafted diyas beckon attention of the buyers. The earthen diya used on the occasion of Diwali, reflects ancient design sense that is simple and stunning in concept and universal in appeal. In this season, you see a proliferation of clay creativity . Every year around Diwali, the market is full of earthen lamps. Today, these commonly available Diyas are in high demand. Be it designer Diyas or the traditional earthen lamps, they are available in wide range and at attractive prices. One can find them being sold on the roadside or being put of public display in art and craft boutiques around Diwali. As Diwali is just a few days away, dozens of potters in various parts of the country are working tirelessly to meet the growing demand for Diyas. People buy it for decorative purposes on Diwali as well as to use them during the Laksmi Puja.

Just check these picture to see the effort taken to make these beautiful lamps:


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